Manufacturing :

Recyclate Product Design and Manufacturing

From the material collected from decommissioning and manufacturing waste, processed to defined recyclate material we design and produce a number of different new parts, components or products through our innovative and unique, patented production processes – either through compression moldings or through the spraying No-Roll technology.

We also use environmental friendly, low volatile organic compound resins, further decreasing the environmental burden of our parts, components or products.

These parts, components or products are either used to replace virgin materials in the customers’ product, or for application in other industries – in any case improving the carbon footprint of the customers’ products as well as the company, reducing the resource consumption and environmental cost as well as the company’s risk profile, and increasing the environmental as well as the sustainability performance as well as, last not least, the company’s reputation.

The numerous different parts, components or products we design and produce entail recyclate contents

– from 5 weight % in larger casted structural components that can replace concrete products of a reduced weight and volume by up to -60%, accompanied by improved strength and durability compared to concrete

– up to 95 weight % recyclate content in bespoke high tech parts manufactured through the spraying No-Roll technology delivering specific key performance indicators as requested by our customers.