Corporate :

A truly sustainable approach

European Composite Recycling Technology A/S (ECRTechnology) focuses on developing and implementing new innovative solutions based on the recycling of composite materials such as glass fiber and carbon fiber, hence improving the customer’s carbon footprint, reducing his resource consumption and his environmental costs as well as his company’s risk, and increasing his environmental as well as his sustainability performance.

But this is not where sustainability for ECRTechnology ends – we also aspire to be a company performing to highest ethical standards, focusing on sound team spirit in every dimension within our company as well within our stakeholder community.

We are currently working on our Code of Conduct encompassing e.g. employee rights, equality and non-discrimination, conflict of interest, issues with external partners as well as documentation, reporting and resolving of these issues.

We encourage an open and attentive company culture where people take an active part in the developments and continuously contribute with new ideas based on what they experience when working with us.