Decomissioning :

Whilst currently mostly an issue for the owners of a product made from compound materials, such as windmills, ships, planes etc., the question of final disposal after decommissioning might soon also become an issue for the producers. This has already happened in the automobile industry through the EU automobile take back directive, taking the onus for vehicles at their end-of-life from the user and putting it into the manufacturers’ hands. Comparable regulations are currently under way for other industries and their products.

European Composite Recycling Technology A/S (ECRTechnology) can support owners as well as producers of products made from compound materials through the decommissioning, transportation and collection of these parts, components or products of all shapes and constitutions from glass fiber and carbon fiber compound material, and even mixtures thereof.

These will be cut and grinded into fibers of specific length and other pre-defined performance indicators, then stored to be used later on in the production of new parts, components or products from these compound material recyclates, to replace virgin materials in certain products of the same industry or for application in other industries.